Plantsauna founders established a partnership with the university of Florida in 2015. This allowed further research into different temperature regimes, using water vapor to treat strawberry plants against harmful pests. This research is the foundation of the Plantsauna treatment. Later Plantsauna also established a partnership with NMBU (Norwegian institute of bio-economy research), they are responsible for testing the treatment on different cultivars. A third partnership also came into place in 2019 with Fresh Forward, a world leading strawberry breeder.

The Plantsauna has achieved the following results:


The diagrams illustrates the treatment on various varieties, Jive, Malling Centenary and Malling Allure. The Plantsauna treatment showed the best result, also compared to chemical components.


Pcfruit in Belgium also did experiments with the Plantsauna. They investigated the difference in non-treated plants, plants dipped in fungicides and plants treated by Plantsauna. The investigation proved equal results with the plants that were treated with chemicals. While the non-treated plants were significantly worse. Additionally, the non-treated plants also had the highest number of dead plants. The chemically treated plants had a clear reduction of dead plants, but the Plantsauna clearly stood out with the least number of dead plants. They also found that Plantsauna had the highest runner the most vital plants. The test was replicated and the results proved to be the same.


During the testing period Pcfruit also checked for strawberry mite on the plants of the variety called Verity. The testing showed that treated plants had no larvae or eggs and only 2 dead adult strawberry mite were found.

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