The Plantsauna is a machine used for sterilizing plants before they get planted. The machine uses water-vapor in a controlled temperature environment to exterminated all harmful pests without harming the plants.

Plantsauna 1. Generation
Treatment time 5-8 Hours
Power source Electric boiler/oil boiler
Power usage per treatment 50-100kWh/10-15L depending on initial plant temperature
Power supply Plantsauna 380V 16Amp
Oil boiler: 1220V 16Amp 3 fase
Electric bolier: 380V 36Amp 3 fase
Steam supply Electric boiler: 15kWh/20Kg steam/h
Oil boiler: 18kWh/22Kg steam/h
Width, length and height inside process chamber 100cm x 120cm x 235cm
Width, length and height of the chamber 160cm x 210cm x 255cm
Weight 850kg

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